Welcome to my blog!

Walking through this troubled reality can be perplexing to say the least but the knowledge we gain through pushing our limits to be the very best version of self always carries critical lessons to learn. It is not until we take time to step back from the commotion and constant distraction of this confusing reality that we can have a clear mind to compute as well analyze this flow of information. The point in which we free ourselves from daily chatter can be the central neuropath to understanding our being. Giving oneself the clarity and the space to take these lessons “home” with us, deep inside, gives us the motivation to change on a level never grasped upon by the western world. This is then the “homework” of our soul and can be finally acted upon and completed through ones true path to self discovery..

This page was created specifically as an outlet for my creativity through the journeys, experiences and timeless realizations in one’s fragmented life. A plethora of information will be touched upon in this space. Whether it be written articles on random subjects by myself, opinions on life and current events, song or album reviews, mysticism or metaphysics, recipes and ideas, gnarly artwork or just simply anything in between that hits me at home. I want to hit places and spaces that are never really touched upon in current ideological thinking. I will strive to touch emotions and feelings that can be related to on another plane of human thinking for all of us.

These are my stories, my experiences, my reflections inside of my path toward self-righteousness.

With Love Jon