Be Love; Rather Than Seek It

I feel like most everyone can agree that right in this moment not to many people have a grasp on love. Love seems to be something magical and mysterious that can only be found if you go out and search for it. We are taught at such a young age to think that as we grow up we will learn, then we will live and then finally we will seek. Of course, this order is sometimes mixed up based on your life but you get the gist of things. Seeking love is just something that is widely accepted as the keystone and defines what will complete you in this life. Finding love seems to be a the final step in completing self, while really what it seems to do is push self into a greater state of confusion.

Love is simple and birthed from the inside. Everyone seems to go out searching for love leaving us even more incomplete. Love should never really be that confusing but for some reason or another we treat it as that. Looking for love in the depths of everything else besides inside yourself continues the cycle of dismal advancement. It seems as though since we live in a fear based society that spreading love is almost taboo. We put love on a pedestal with so many different stereotypes. Love assumes the role of something that should not be expressed unless it fits in with what is currently trending. Males for instance cannot tell another male that they love them because society treats that as being “gay” and is widely unacceptable.

If you love someone or something, then never be afraid to express to them that you love them!

As humans, our communication skills are quite depressing and we do not announce enough love to one another. Through either words or actions, we fail to show each other how much someone means to us. This should not be this way. Going out of your way (or really just doing what feels right) to give a hug or letting someone know you appreciate them for being a friend holds much more weight then we know. Hearing these affirmations give our soul a sense of comfort that is greatly needed in the world every day. Continuing to treat expression as something so foreign needs to be evaluated by every single person. All of this hatred that is thrown into the world absolutely needs balanced. We can achieve this balance by taking a stand from inside of us. If society chooses to dig our feet down into the depths of the earth, ground ourselves while expressing gratitude from within instead of being confined to the walls of our own mind, we can overcome heartache.

Humanity as a whole is distracted. Everyone seems to be reaching into the dark while having absolutely no idea of what we are reaching for. We surely live in interesting times as we are slowly breaking free of control and remembering who we are. The old fear based paradigm is slowly being replaced with a new paradigm of a loving paradigm while coexisting with each other. Many of us can feel this fire from within. Understand that change can be accomplished but first we must accept our past faults. Considering our past there are so many of us who find it difficult to swallow our pride and continue to push ourselves to better versions. Let’s end this cycle and face our karmic patterns.

As we continue to push ourselves away from what will make humanity feel whole again, the elephant in the room seems to grow. This is the place where comfort and complacency describes our stagnant race. This is what is single handedly holding us back. Of course it is much easier to continue on to the same old tune however. Continuing with the same old thought processes will always create the same old results. I feel as though we can just as easily turn this entire thing around and experience divine bliss if people were willing to not only face our shadow side but take a entire new view on the world.

We can dismiss hatred by being love.

Love truly is everywhere. It exists in all things and can contribute to the flow of all life force around us. Love is the driving force in growth through all species and walks of life. Surround a baby in love and watch it flourish. Surround a baby in hate and watch growth suffer. It is pretty simple when you boil it down. Think about it, most everything flourishes in a loving vibration whether it be plants or animals. Although every single factor cannot be controlled in life, surrounding yourself around love will give you the comfort you need to cultivate perpetual growth through better conscious decision making.

Everything in life is so simple but yet so complex. The simple side of things create an understanding that can deliver courage inside while the complex side of things makes us wonder if we are ever good enough. How many times do we sit and examine every situation from every single angle before taking a break then coming back to the problem. The second we return the to the problem, we find a simple solution almost immediately. I am done trying to make life so complicated when it does not need to be. Love is the answer and expressing the ability to love self and radiate that out to toward others is the definition of being love.

Being love can be easy and does not have to be some crazy shift in paradigms to make it happen. Every single one of us can start by becoming more and more present each day. Show up to “work” every single day and strive to be better than the last. The moment is now and really nothing else exists. The past is set in stone and the future is still being solidified through the conscious change that we reflect into the world. If you do not like something about yourself change it! If you like something about yourself, let people know and praise it!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Be the love you hope to be surrounded by. Vibrate this energy from inside of each and every single one of your cells and push it onward into the world. Pay it forward. Being love is pushing past dishonesty, despair, selfishness, jealousy and darkness. Being love is looking past all of the hatred in the world and showing gratitude to ALL things, even to your own worst enemy. This is by far not an easy task but it can be done with a bit of work.

Service to self while serving others can be achieved through the idea of being love. Just accept that shit happens in life and we are all going through all the same unpredictable stuff. Push past all of the anxiety that comes with fear as well as the thoughts of hopelessness to help energize our souls. Love all of the little things in life and appreciate everything in your path. Continue to move forward even through times of uncertainty, with your chin held high. As soon as we understand that we were put here right now in this moment to stifle hate with laughter, we can then open up a brand new chapter. We will suddenly discover what we are truly after.

Be love; rather than seek it!


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