Interaction Through Intention

Divine intervention. A thought, an idea that someone or something is beyond “Us”. Something so far beyond the incomprehensible intricately woven tapestry of the mind, that we sometimes never even open the doors to perception of a higher power. A higher power not necessarily hinting toward a god, a group of gods or even a figure that stemmed from any religious figure. When I speak of a higher power, I am referring to the thought that there is something much greater in this structure than yourself but still inside of yourself. This is something much more powerful than any god figure that is portrayed. It is acknowledging the creator of all things and purpose. Everything including your life path that is filled with a never ending cycle of critical decisions along with the most minuscule experiences of enhancement. To me this is referred to by many cultures through a number of titles all in which can be interwoven together as simply, Spirit.

Spirit continues to push us in the direction of human liberation. Spirit is in us all and continues to pulsate onward throughout our bodies at all times, flowing through everything that exists in this plane. This spirit has been trapped, gone unrecognized and mostly misunderstood for centuries but now we are finally breaking the chains and expanding outward. One interesting thing about spirit is that it spawns from the internal and resonates through the external into our world, never the other way around. The spirit is always trying to break out. Trying to reach out and speak to us through silence. This silence will always be able to be attainable if we put the conscious effort into deciphering. This is always a continuous struggle between everything that we want to keep bottled up inside and the pressure that we let come in from the outside. The more and more we relax, focus and possibly give into an ideology that there is something greater than us, something that serves a higher purpose to our jigsaw puzzle we call life, the weight held over our chest seems to be lifted. Your weight bearing chest becomes much much lighter as you start to become less disorganized in ghastly thought patterns and you slowly stop the fight of inner confounding thoughts.

History seems to make apparent that humans like to walk up to the door of the forbidden but we do not dare to open the door much less take any steps forward into the unknown. The unknown is feared upon so we never test the boundaries. Many of us create this comfort zone in our heads, composed of a place where uncertainty can always come to be rationalized. “That happened because of this, this and this.” Rationalizing with multiple variables creates layers uncertainty.  Things seem like a much easier road out when they are conformed around rational comfort. We start avoiding the real issues confronting us from places we are to stubborn to open up to or quite frankly places that we do not even want to face. This box we create is a way in which the human psyche can fall back in a constant state of contentment if ever confronted with an unknown fear. We block out all other possibilities through rational deduction to justify saving our ego! What a huge downfall for the current state of our complacent race. We are afraid to step out of our rational, sensible self, thus continually spiraling downward when it comes to confronting the side of us where we are our past choices are not necessarily gratifying or our shadow side. Continuing to walk down a path of lethargic tendencies keeps us from enduring growth. These small clues and hints that seem to add up until we get hit in the face with one huge blow. Often we tend to just look past these patterns until we are served the same cycle over and over persistently until we recognize this lesson to be learned. Divinity tries to reach out to us in between all blinks but yet we are somehow great at overlooking a good portion it all.

As we continue to test the limits of our consciously evolving minds, one thing that has become a constant in anyone’s spiritual practice is the act of prayer. Prayer seems to be a word that many people have trouble grasping or even wanting to speak about. Prayer does not necessarily mean that you need to get down on your knees and pray to a deity or god(s). It does not even mean that you are specifically recognizing any specific religion and making sure you are within their rules when it comes to prayer. Prayer should be something you are comfortable with, an act in which makes you feel restored as well as satisfied! It should be a comforting place in which you take time to honor yourself, your life, the people around you, the day, the love and all of the things that you are grateful for in this moment. If prayer can be a space in which you can take time out of the day to recollect, then I think many should consider making a habit. Make a conscious a few times a week, if not daily to just BE. Be calm, be collected while you bring everything into balance and reflect in the moment. Just slow everything down and exist. Exist with self for the benefit of no one else but you. Make certain that you are the one defining what prayer means to yourself and no one else. Take these ideals and hold them very close to your heart.

To me prayer is an acknowledgment. It is a place where I take time to bless whatever is soon to come into my path, honor all that I am grateful for and recognize something higher than myself. I respectfully ask for any pattern of guidance whatever that may be defined as. This can mean a number of things but one thing prayer should have in it is intention.

Intention is everything.

As soon as you discover that intention in all that you do can carry you to a place of blissful recognition, this life glides much smoother. Understanding that their could be some sort of driving force behind the wheel, while acknowledging something that may be greater than yourself, is a remotely radical idea viewed by most. Reason being, for most, it is science that finds it hard to provide any concrete evidence when it comes to spirit. I could not say that anything is for certain when working with spirit but when something unexplainable is experienced firsthand it is awfully hard to disregard one’s own experiences. Though in most instances you cannot really knock something until you try it for yourself, this is no exception. I am not talking about giving away all of your power to a higher source but rather recognizing that you hold that control inside self. We fall short when many of us cannot see the amount of energy inside us all. We refuse to think that we may have a little more control on reality then what everyone assumes. This idea needs to be broken and replaced with embracing each and every wave. Let’s start looking for what lies beneath all of what is playing out in front of us. Get up and start moving with the waves of the ocean which brings us to a space of clarity for constant reflection. It provides the capacity to compute all of our past thought patterns with ease while guiding us into everlasting change.

Prayer is a reserved space in which I can hone in and collect for the day, whether it be at the beginning or the end. It gives me a chance to let the light reach me while I reach out for guidance in silence. I spend as much time as I need in this space provided setting myself up to conquer whatever is thrown in front of me.

Designate a quiet setting that is specific to where you honor. Fill this space with things that make you feel as comfortable as possible. Use anything you feel gravitated to in the moment. This could be statues, herbs, gems and minerals, pictures, precious metals, candles or anything else that holds value to you. Once you have your space set up you can enter this at any moment of the day, feeling the comfort based off of your intention you set. When you use your space, take time to ask yourself what is best for you in that moment. Receive this information and build off of the concepts and beliefs both of what you had in mind for the session and those in which have just been downloaded.

Although plenty of people may feel skepticism through the idea that prayer could hold substance in directing someone’s life into the path of least resistance, I would dare that you take part and see if you enhance your life in any way. Praying does not just fix things automatically. Prayer acts as a vessel for change within. To think that prayer in itself can make sure that divinity will be granted in the most aspects of your life is something that is just very unrealistic. There still must be conscious choice to be made by self in order to be hopeful of a higher quality of life through guidance and action.

Praying does not have to be about being more religious or even spiritual. This can just be something that you define as a place for collection and reflection. It is never a bad idea to just take time out of your day to slow down and reflect on everything around you. Spending time with yourself gives you a slight glimpse into what you need and how to fulfill these needs in this very moment. This helps us move forward. Our souls need recharged on a continuous cycle like a battery and by praying regularly, it may start to feel like a recharge of our mind, body and spirit instead of the stereotype in which humans have placed on prayer in the western world.
I have just dived into making prayer a part of my life over these last few months, focusing in on intention. Day by day I am gaining more clarity while feeling like mountains are beginning to move when it comes to my personal direction. There is a lot to be learned about each and every one of us. In silence we learn that we all are teachers and that we all are students. Every single one of our decisions will affect something later in life no matter the size of choice. Slowly I am embracing this change, helping me move with the waves of ocean more consciously. Surely someday these tides are bound to crash and will crash again. I will experience a full collapse again that is almost a certainty. Up until that point I can choose to continually get hit with the waves or I can become prepared for them a little bit more as each day passes. Maintaining a clear head-space in the midst of this all while rising up to the occasion when need be is entirely up to me at this point. Our choices can create rejoices.


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