Satsang Ft. Nahko – Between

Most recently in the last few months I have stumbled on the band Satsang. Satsang is now a three piece Folk / Soul / Reggae / Hip Hop band comprised of the work of guitarist and lyricist Drew McManus as well as Karl Roth on bass, keys and backup lyrics and Keller Paulson on percussion. Originally the band was just the works of Drew and another member, David Cleves, who played such an elegant mandolin. These two members produced the band’s first two albums together and then split their ways. This track is off of their latest album “Pyramids,” and can be purchased here:

What gravitated me toward this band is the ability of the main lyricist, Drew McManus, to strike a place inside me that complete lifts me up. His lyrics are simple but transformational. They are conducive but yet still analytical through the way he projects them. In most of his tracks, these lyrics are full of not only heart but electricity to give you an effective jolt that resonates with you throughout them. To me, the continuous flow of his words paint a beautiful picture that can lift anyone up from a place of uncertainty. Anyone and everyone can relate to the struggles and adversities that he proposes in his relationship to life.

It is not coincidence that Samsung’s inspirational lyrics have lined up with other great artists who share the same vision. They have done collaborations with artists such as Wookiefoot, Tubby Love, Chris Berry and Nahko Bear.

Between is the track with Nahko Bear and is a perfect meld of soulful composition to create a harmonious vision in which one can understand that we are constantly looking for love and validation in every situation. The busy world around us tends to make us forget that love exists in the cracks and in all of the small places in between looking for what we are looking to find.  If we would just step back and look between the lines, we will find that love graces us most all situations. The little bits of love that we tend to look over can be the balance as well as gratitude we need to stay focused on the daily.

The following lyrics hold deep meaning to me in this track:

The chorus is as follows:

“Between the life that we lead and the one that we pray for,

Give us balance on the paths that there’s no need to ask for more.

Between the love that we seek and the love that’s already there,

Let is soften my soul and focus my stare.”

Verse 1:

“I said this life,

Got me by the heart, said it’s in a vice,

Not to proud to seek advice,

When I know that I really know nothing at all.

I said perhaps I do,

Made a transition and I finally got the clue,

But I ain’t gotta clue on what to do,

Sitting and waiting and forming a plan, taking my life in my hands”


“I almost lost hope but i didn’t,

Had to learn things the hard way,

To cope with the mission,

Sometimes it seemed so far away,

And the vision that I had followed didn’t play out how i saw it,

But the message and the lesson manifested in the knowledge.”

“Between what comes naturally and what you got to work for,

Beneath all of that lies the beauty that you live for,

Believe in the treasures that we all seem to dig for.”

Recognizing the beauty that life brings to you is a battle between working for recognition and everything just falling into place. When you flow with the path of least resistance you soon find that the treasures in life were strategically placed for you to stumble upon. We tend to seek out, reach out and force hope. Give thanks, give praise and pray to whatever makes you feel powerful. Hope seems to drop in and fill those tiniest cracks inside you in which you have been running around searching for recklessly.

The little things in life are what make you appreciate your life and although it may seem like things are not going well in a relationship or life, always remember the small things that are in between the bigger picture. These are what should fuel you to keep on loving. These always out weigh the bad times and keep you in balance as well as in stride. Sometimes we overlook the great value in the love that is already right in front of us and we look all around us to seek more attention but it has always existed between the lines!

Never be too proud to seek advice. Never be ashamed to reach out for help.
Keep focus and keep on loving!

P.S. ALWAYS support grassroots artists you love! By purchasing their music it not only helps them produce more but also supports many other aspects of their lives!


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