Be Love; Rather Than Seek It

I feel like most everyone can agree that right in this moment not to many people have a grasp on love. Love seems to be something magical and mysterious that can only be found if you go out and search for it. We are taught at such a young age to think that as we grow up we will learn, then we will live and then finally we will seek. Of course, this order is sometimes mixed up based on your life but you get the gist of things. Seeking love is just something that is widely accepted as the keystone and defines what will complete you in this life. Finding love seems to be a the final step in completing self, while really what it seems to do is push self into a greater state of confusion.

Love is simple and birthed from the inside. Everyone seems to go out searching for love leaving us even more incomplete. Love should never really be that confusing but for some reason or another we treat it as that. Looking for love in the depths of everything else besides inside yourself continues the cycle of dismal advancement. It seems as though since we live in a fear based society that spreading love is almost taboo. We put love on a pedestal with so many different stereotypes. Love assumes the role of something that should not be expressed unless it fits in with what is currently trending. Males for instance cannot tell another male that they love them because society treats that as being “gay” and is widely unacceptable.

If you love someone or something, then never be afraid to express to them that you love them!

As humans, our communication skills are quite depressing and we do not announce enough love to one another. Through either words or actions, we fail to show each other how much someone means to us. This should not be this way. Going out of your way (or really just doing what feels right) to give a hug or letting someone know you appreciate them for being a friend holds much more weight then we know. Hearing these affirmations give our soul a sense of comfort that is greatly needed in the world every day. Continuing to treat expression as something so foreign needs to be evaluated by every single person. All of this hatred that is thrown into the world absolutely needs balanced. We can achieve this balance by taking a stand from inside of us. If society chooses to dig our feet down into the depths of the earth, ground ourselves while expressing gratitude from within instead of being confined to the walls of our own mind, we can overcome heartache.

Humanity as a whole is distracted. Everyone seems to be reaching into the dark while having absolutely no idea of what we are reaching for. We surely live in interesting times as we are slowly breaking free of control and remembering who we are. The old fear based paradigm is slowly being replaced with a new paradigm of a loving paradigm while coexisting with each other. Many of us can feel this fire from within. Understand that change can be accomplished but first we must accept our past faults. Considering our past there are so many of us who find it difficult to swallow our pride and continue to push ourselves to better versions. Let’s end this cycle and face our karmic patterns.

As we continue to push ourselves away from what will make humanity feel whole again, the elephant in the room seems to grow. This is the place where comfort and complacency describes our stagnant race. This is what is single handedly holding us back. Of course it is much easier to continue on to the same old tune however. Continuing with the same old thought processes will always create the same old results. I feel as though we can just as easily turn this entire thing around and experience divine bliss if people were willing to not only face our shadow side but take a entire new view on the world.

We can dismiss hatred by being love.

Love truly is everywhere. It exists in all things and can contribute to the flow of all life force around us. Love is the driving force in growth through all species and walks of life. Surround a baby in love and watch it flourish. Surround a baby in hate and watch growth suffer. It is pretty simple when you boil it down. Think about it, most everything flourishes in a loving vibration whether it be plants or animals. Although every single factor cannot be controlled in life, surrounding yourself around love will give you the comfort you need to cultivate perpetual growth through better conscious decision making.

Everything in life is so simple but yet so complex. The simple side of things create an understanding that can deliver courage inside while the complex side of things makes us wonder if we are ever good enough. How many times do we sit and examine every situation from every single angle before taking a break then coming back to the problem. The second we return the to the problem, we find a simple solution almost immediately. I am done trying to make life so complicated when it does not need to be. Love is the answer and expressing the ability to love self and radiate that out to toward others is the definition of being love.

Being love can be easy and does not have to be some crazy shift in paradigms to make it happen. Every single one of us can start by becoming more and more present each day. Show up to “work” every single day and strive to be better than the last. The moment is now and really nothing else exists. The past is set in stone and the future is still being solidified through the conscious change that we reflect into the world. If you do not like something about yourself change it! If you like something about yourself, let people know and praise it!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Be the love you hope to be surrounded by. Vibrate this energy from inside of each and every single one of your cells and push it onward into the world. Pay it forward. Being love is pushing past dishonesty, despair, selfishness, jealousy and darkness. Being love is looking past all of the hatred in the world and showing gratitude to ALL things, even to your own worst enemy. This is by far not an easy task but it can be done with a bit of work.

Service to self while serving others can be achieved through the idea of being love. Just accept that shit happens in life and we are all going through all the same unpredictable stuff. Push past all of the anxiety that comes with fear as well as the thoughts of hopelessness to help energize our souls. Love all of the little things in life and appreciate everything in your path. Continue to move forward even through times of uncertainty, with your chin held high. As soon as we understand that we were put here right now in this moment to stifle hate with laughter, we can then open up a brand new chapter. We will suddenly discover what we are truly after.

Be love; rather than seek it!


Interaction Through Intention

Divine intervention. A thought, an idea that someone or something is beyond “Us”. Something so far beyond the incomprehensible intricately woven tapestry of the mind, that we sometimes never even open the doors to perception of a higher power. A higher power not necessarily hinting toward a god, a group of gods or even a figure that stemmed from any religious figure. When I speak of a higher power, I am referring to the thought that there is something much greater in this structure than yourself but still inside of yourself. This is something much more powerful than any god figure that is portrayed. It is acknowledging the creator of all things and purpose. Everything including your life path that is filled with a never ending cycle of critical decisions along with the most minuscule experiences of enhancement. To me this is referred to by many cultures through a number of titles all in which can be interwoven together as simply, Spirit.

Spirit continues to push us in the direction of human liberation. Spirit is in us all and continues to pulsate onward throughout our bodies at all times, flowing through everything that exists in this plane. This spirit has been trapped, gone unrecognized and mostly misunderstood for centuries but now we are finally breaking the chains and expanding outward. One interesting thing about spirit is that it spawns from the internal and resonates through the external into our world, never the other way around. The spirit is always trying to break out. Trying to reach out and speak to us through silence. This silence will always be able to be attainable if we put the conscious effort into deciphering. This is always a continuous struggle between everything that we want to keep bottled up inside and the pressure that we let come in from the outside. The more and more we relax, focus and possibly give into an ideology that there is something greater than us, something that serves a higher purpose to our jigsaw puzzle we call life, the weight held over our chest seems to be lifted. Your weight bearing chest becomes much much lighter as you start to become less disorganized in ghastly thought patterns and you slowly stop the fight of inner confounding thoughts.

History seems to make apparent that humans like to walk up to the door of the forbidden but we do not dare to open the door much less take any steps forward into the unknown. The unknown is feared upon so we never test the boundaries. Many of us create this comfort zone in our heads, composed of a place where uncertainty can always come to be rationalized. “That happened because of this, this and this.” Rationalizing with multiple variables creates layers uncertainty.  Things seem like a much easier road out when they are conformed around rational comfort. We start avoiding the real issues confronting us from places we are to stubborn to open up to or quite frankly places that we do not even want to face. This box we create is a way in which the human psyche can fall back in a constant state of contentment if ever confronted with an unknown fear. We block out all other possibilities through rational deduction to justify saving our ego! What a huge downfall for the current state of our complacent race. We are afraid to step out of our rational, sensible self, thus continually spiraling downward when it comes to confronting the side of us where we are our past choices are not necessarily gratifying or our shadow side. Continuing to walk down a path of lethargic tendencies keeps us from enduring growth. These small clues and hints that seem to add up until we get hit in the face with one huge blow. Often we tend to just look past these patterns until we are served the same cycle over and over persistently until we recognize this lesson to be learned. Divinity tries to reach out to us in between all blinks but yet we are somehow great at overlooking a good portion it all.

As we continue to test the limits of our consciously evolving minds, one thing that has become a constant in anyone’s spiritual practice is the act of prayer. Prayer seems to be a word that many people have trouble grasping or even wanting to speak about. Prayer does not necessarily mean that you need to get down on your knees and pray to a deity or god(s). It does not even mean that you are specifically recognizing any specific religion and making sure you are within their rules when it comes to prayer. Prayer should be something you are comfortable with, an act in which makes you feel restored as well as satisfied! It should be a comforting place in which you take time to honor yourself, your life, the people around you, the day, the love and all of the things that you are grateful for in this moment. If prayer can be a space in which you can take time out of the day to recollect, then I think many should consider making a habit. Make a conscious a few times a week, if not daily to just BE. Be calm, be collected while you bring everything into balance and reflect in the moment. Just slow everything down and exist. Exist with self for the benefit of no one else but you. Make certain that you are the one defining what prayer means to yourself and no one else. Take these ideals and hold them very close to your heart.

To me prayer is an acknowledgment. It is a place where I take time to bless whatever is soon to come into my path, honor all that I am grateful for and recognize something higher than myself. I respectfully ask for any pattern of guidance whatever that may be defined as. This can mean a number of things but one thing prayer should have in it is intention.

Intention is everything.

As soon as you discover that intention in all that you do can carry you to a place of blissful recognition, this life glides much smoother. Understanding that their could be some sort of driving force behind the wheel, while acknowledging something that may be greater than yourself, is a remotely radical idea viewed by most. Reason being, for most, it is science that finds it hard to provide any concrete evidence when it comes to spirit. I could not say that anything is for certain when working with spirit but when something unexplainable is experienced firsthand it is awfully hard to disregard one’s own experiences. Though in most instances you cannot really knock something until you try it for yourself, this is no exception. I am not talking about giving away all of your power to a higher source but rather recognizing that you hold that control inside self. We fall short when many of us cannot see the amount of energy inside us all. We refuse to think that we may have a little more control on reality then what everyone assumes. This idea needs to be broken and replaced with embracing each and every wave. Let’s start looking for what lies beneath all of what is playing out in front of us. Get up and start moving with the waves of the ocean which brings us to a space of clarity for constant reflection. It provides the capacity to compute all of our past thought patterns with ease while guiding us into everlasting change.

Prayer is a reserved space in which I can hone in and collect for the day, whether it be at the beginning or the end. It gives me a chance to let the light reach me while I reach out for guidance in silence. I spend as much time as I need in this space provided setting myself up to conquer whatever is thrown in front of me.

Designate a quiet setting that is specific to where you honor. Fill this space with things that make you feel as comfortable as possible. Use anything you feel gravitated to in the moment. This could be statues, herbs, gems and minerals, pictures, precious metals, candles or anything else that holds value to you. Once you have your space set up you can enter this at any moment of the day, feeling the comfort based off of your intention you set. When you use your space, take time to ask yourself what is best for you in that moment. Receive this information and build off of the concepts and beliefs both of what you had in mind for the session and those in which have just been downloaded.

Although plenty of people may feel skepticism through the idea that prayer could hold substance in directing someone’s life into the path of least resistance, I would dare that you take part and see if you enhance your life in any way. Praying does not just fix things automatically. Prayer acts as a vessel for change within. To think that prayer in itself can make sure that divinity will be granted in the most aspects of your life is something that is just very unrealistic. There still must be conscious choice to be made by self in order to be hopeful of a higher quality of life through guidance and action.

Praying does not have to be about being more religious or even spiritual. This can just be something that you define as a place for collection and reflection. It is never a bad idea to just take time out of your day to slow down and reflect on everything around you. Spending time with yourself gives you a slight glimpse into what you need and how to fulfill these needs in this very moment. This helps us move forward. Our souls need recharged on a continuous cycle like a battery and by praying regularly, it may start to feel like a recharge of our mind, body and spirit instead of the stereotype in which humans have placed on prayer in the western world.
I have just dived into making prayer a part of my life over these last few months, focusing in on intention. Day by day I am gaining more clarity while feeling like mountains are beginning to move when it comes to my personal direction. There is a lot to be learned about each and every one of us. In silence we learn that we all are teachers and that we all are students. Every single one of our decisions will affect something later in life no matter the size of choice. Slowly I am embracing this change, helping me move with the waves of ocean more consciously. Surely someday these tides are bound to crash and will crash again. I will experience a full collapse again that is almost a certainty. Up until that point I can choose to continually get hit with the waves or I can become prepared for them a little bit more as each day passes. Maintaining a clear head-space in the midst of this all while rising up to the occasion when need be is entirely up to me at this point. Our choices can create rejoices.

Satsang Ft. Nahko – Between

Most recently in the last few months I have stumbled on the band Satsang. Satsang is now a three piece Folk / Soul / Reggae / Hip Hop band comprised of the work of guitarist and lyricist Drew McManus as well as Karl Roth on bass, keys and backup lyrics and Keller Paulson on percussion. Originally the band was just the works of Drew and another member, David Cleves, who played such an elegant mandolin. These two members produced the band’s first two albums together and then split their ways. This track is off of their latest album “Pyramids,” and can be purchased here:

What gravitated me toward this band is the ability of the main lyricist, Drew McManus, to strike a place inside me that complete lifts me up. His lyrics are simple but transformational. They are conducive but yet still analytical through the way he projects them. In most of his tracks, these lyrics are full of not only heart but electricity to give you an effective jolt that resonates with you throughout them. To me, the continuous flow of his words paint a beautiful picture that can lift anyone up from a place of uncertainty. Anyone and everyone can relate to the struggles and adversities that he proposes in his relationship to life.

It is not coincidence that Samsung’s inspirational lyrics have lined up with other great artists who share the same vision. They have done collaborations with artists such as Wookiefoot, Tubby Love, Chris Berry and Nahko Bear.

Between is the track with Nahko Bear and is a perfect meld of soulful composition to create a harmonious vision in which one can understand that we are constantly looking for love and validation in every situation. The busy world around us tends to make us forget that love exists in the cracks and in all of the small places in between looking for what we are looking to find.  If we would just step back and look between the lines, we will find that love graces us most all situations. The little bits of love that we tend to look over can be the balance as well as gratitude we need to stay focused on the daily.

The following lyrics hold deep meaning to me in this track:

The chorus is as follows:

“Between the life that we lead and the one that we pray for,

Give us balance on the paths that there’s no need to ask for more.

Between the love that we seek and the love that’s already there,

Let is soften my soul and focus my stare.”

Verse 1:

“I said this life,

Got me by the heart, said it’s in a vice,

Not to proud to seek advice,

When I know that I really know nothing at all.

I said perhaps I do,

Made a transition and I finally got the clue,

But I ain’t gotta clue on what to do,

Sitting and waiting and forming a plan, taking my life in my hands”


“I almost lost hope but i didn’t,

Had to learn things the hard way,

To cope with the mission,

Sometimes it seemed so far away,

And the vision that I had followed didn’t play out how i saw it,

But the message and the lesson manifested in the knowledge.”

“Between what comes naturally and what you got to work for,

Beneath all of that lies the beauty that you live for,

Believe in the treasures that we all seem to dig for.”

Recognizing the beauty that life brings to you is a battle between working for recognition and everything just falling into place. When you flow with the path of least resistance you soon find that the treasures in life were strategically placed for you to stumble upon. We tend to seek out, reach out and force hope. Give thanks, give praise and pray to whatever makes you feel powerful. Hope seems to drop in and fill those tiniest cracks inside you in which you have been running around searching for recklessly.

The little things in life are what make you appreciate your life and although it may seem like things are not going well in a relationship or life, always remember the small things that are in between the bigger picture. These are what should fuel you to keep on loving. These always out weigh the bad times and keep you in balance as well as in stride. Sometimes we overlook the great value in the love that is already right in front of us and we look all around us to seek more attention but it has always existed between the lines!

Never be too proud to seek advice. Never be ashamed to reach out for help.
Keep focus and keep on loving!

P.S. ALWAYS support grassroots artists you love! By purchasing their music it not only helps them produce more but also supports many other aspects of their lives!


He knew he needed divine recognition but he knew he would never get it from anyone else but himself.

He reached out for acceptance on the fact that everyone makes bad choices in life but no one was willing to listen. He wished as though he could be accepted and understood in the honor of being but he also knew that there was a shell that was built and needed to be crumbled.

He knew that he time heals wounds and there were lessons to be learned. He knew with each step time is burned.

He knew all of these things but he was also done.

He was done trying to comprehend. He was done with the distractions, the denials, the small addictions that pulled him away from the true desires of his soul. He realized that strength of character came from the focus and commitment in his eyes.

He was done listening to the hectic static in the world. The noise that completely alienates you from yourself and confuses you. He realized that finally it was that constant chatter that has cost him to grow.

He was done drowning in life’s waters. He was done looking to be saved by friends or relationships. He was done asking for forgiveness when forgiveness is never held out for you.

He understood that the quiet voice of his own soul was the most beautiful sound.

He was done forcing, pushing through and trying to stay on any which path. He strives to kept his composure and recognized that we are all walking a trail but everyone is not willing to walk alone. He blazed a trail but with no one was willing to walk it.

He was done not following the desires that yelled out in his soul every day. He realized if he did nothing about them, they died a quiet death that took a piece of his soul with them. Even more than it already has.

He was done with the distractions, the denials, the small addictions that pulled him away from the true desires of his soul. He realized that strength of character came from focus and commitment to oneself.

He was done needing to be understood by anyone but himself. He realized he was the only person he would spend his whole life with and understanding himself was more important than being understood by others.

He completely recreated self in an image of what was reflected upon him. The messages and transmissions of what he would become. He stood tall with his shadow finally behind him.

He was done questioning himself. He realized his heart knew the truth and he needed to follow it.

He was done not trusting. He realized he had placed his trust in people that were untrustworthy so he would start with the person he could trust the most—himself.

He was done worrying, as if worry was the price he had to pay to make it all turn out okay. He realized worry didn’t need to be part of the process.

He was done taking the low road and not listening. He knew that there was still much to learn but he needed stillness inside.

He was done trying to change things outside of his control. He finally realized he was in the wrong to think he could.

He was done listening to his inner critic and understood that mistakes will happen. He thought to himself that it is alright to not be a perfect image.

He was done comparing and looking at others in ways that his ego consumed. He understood everyone was right in their own ways and personal to themselves.

He was done judging. He realized judging assumed the presence of right and wrong and that there was a difference between using information to inform and making someone else wrong.

He was done with all of his regrets and his past regressions. He knew that these were only handcuffs of his mind.

He was done trying to figure out all life’s answers. He understood it was pointless and overwhelming to take on such a task.

He realized everyone had truth inside them and a story to tell.

Most of all though, he was done limiting emotion.  Break down the dam and let everything flow. Emotion was meant to flow free naturally.
Now, finally he could breathe.


“Living in life with one hand off the wheel,

Acceptance of what is and what isn’t real” – DM

Conveniently Falling Apart in the Now

Life is undoubtedly unpredictable. It is diverse group of reactions in a uniform flow. Life is an authentic representation of the mirror that you reflect upon others. Most of all, life is a never ending transition into constructing the best version of self. Life means something completely different to even the person beside you and is up to yourself to interpret the flow of information. Many things can be said about life but to me there is only two thing that will be certain. One is that change will be imminent and always forming. And the other is that we come into this world the same way that we go. This is with love and with righteousness.

The involvement of our spirit in this plane seems just like a blink of an eye when everything is all said and done. From the vast array of timeless experiences that come together molding the fragments of our ego, to the tangible elements that form our physical bodies, life is full of heartache as well as a roller coaster ride of emotion. Everything is utterly beautiful as well as downright intimidating all in one instance. The vice grip that is wrenched on to your heart never stops tightening until your time here is done.  When we come to this plane we are yearning to have a full blown human experience but unbeknownst to us, the human experience will test our very limits of sanity. It will push us to the depths of everything and anything you thought you have learned. It will test all of your knowledge and your ability to adapt in situations. Most of all though, it will make you evaluate all that you ever have experienced..

The human experience can be described as spirits ability to create and experience emotion in a physical body. It is our vessel, our temple. It is our sensory computer that guides us through the huge amounts information around us. It is always running even when we sleep. We are always bringing in bits of information through our senses. Deciphering, decoding and distributing information is essential to our brain so that we can flow through the fabric of reality. It really is a lot of information to take on and compute. Our brain, being a biological computer, is said to process 400 Billion Bits of information PER second in the subconscious mind. In the conscious mind we are able to only process 2000 Bits of information per second.[1] When you look at these figures it is evident that us as a whole is completely leaving out tons of information to be calculated around us every single moment. We walk around and our attention can only focus on a small sample size. We also walk around missing more than half of the puzzle. Why do we only choose or only process such a small sample size? What do we do with all of the rest of information and where does that come into play? These are questions that I have always pondered but may never be answered unless we really hone in and focus our awareness.

Focusing our awareness becomes such a delicate task the further in life that we age. We start out as a child so carefree with the ability to bring everything in all at once, enjoying the now so effortlessly. This attention slowly fades further away from us the as the ego grows. This is where many of us stumble and lose lack of focus. With all of the forces that we come across daily, our awareness becomes harder to hone your attention in. It is always being fought for steering our attention one way and moving it in directions that we have less of control over. We start to slip up and pay less attention to detail. As this continues we become more and more comfortable with just spending less and less time inside the now and more and more time in the past processing past inputs. From experience this is a place where mostly all humans reside, in the past.

The inside of one’s psyche is a very complex, sophisticated place. It is full of conflicting forces that are constantly changing due to both internal and external stimuli. This results in the wide variations of needs, fears and desires over relatively short periods of time. Because of this, very few people have the clarity to understand what’s going on there. There is just too much happening at once to follow the cause and effect relationships between all of our different thoughts, emotions and energy levels. As a result, we find ourselves struggling just to hold it all together. But everything keeps changing – moods, desires, likes, dislikes, enthusiasm, lethargy. It is a full time task just to maintain the discipline necessary to create even the semblance of control in that order. If we do not maintain awareness we become consumed and lack the focus we need to maintain to live in balance.

When you’re lost and struggling with all of these psychological and energetic changes, you are suffering. While it may not seem to you that you are suffering, compared to what it can be, you are suffering. In truth, the very responsibility of having to hold it all together in itself is a form of suffering. This can make you scatterbrained, left in a huge cloud of fog. You notice this most when things start to fall apart from the outside. Your psyche goes into turmoil and you have to struggle to hold your inner world together. But what exactly are you trying to hold onto? You are trying to hold onto past emotional patterns and experiences that need to be processed and let go. These energy build ups or blockages create barriers inside ourselves, creating stress on our nervous system. Stress is our nervous systems natural way of dealing with all of the pressure from the outside but can take a toll on the human body if not properly disposed of. Many diseases and illnesses can be attributed to stress being built up over long periods of time and staying in one place throughout your body. Have you ever heard of someone saying, “Man the stress is killing me.” Or you have even experienced it first hand!

This is exactly what our society has built up around us, a stressful environment. A chaotic storm of static where everything in it has left you frenzied and unsettling. It keeps moving at such a rapid pace that you forget to breathe. You forget to slow way down and center yourself day after day. You forget why you are here and where you are going. Society is great at doing this. Society consumes you and takes you away from all the joy right in front of your face. It is wonderful at pulling all of your attention away for just long enough, that before you can remember what is going on around you, it is completely to late. You have already lost everything that you built up around you that means so much to you. You friends, your family, your loved ones. All of the gold in your life has been stolen from you inner being leaving you in an even larger state of fear. In that very moment you are left there shattered with a million little pieces of self to be picked up off the ground and more than likely you have no one to help you do so.

Is it one’s fault that we go through this complete shattering of self? Or is it a combination of many different ongoing factors including self and outside forces? I would like to say the latter is the correct answer. If we did not have all of these outside factors constantly bombarding us with confusion, we may never experience the complete destruction. Recognizing that everyone is going through these types of things can be difficult to accept. Everyone is troubled and everyone is susceptible to being consumed by daily life. I think that understanding and comforting these types of behaviors is one key to loving unconditionally, something we all are striving for. The next time you see someone you love going down this path, try to relate and understand the situation. Show compassion and care to help them out of darkness. This path that consumes most is a troubling path and when one goes down it alone, only to be walked away from, it can be very detrimental to his or her psyche in the long run.

This relationship to self helps guide us through our journey and also preps us for relationships with others. Many people seem to underestimate how hard ANY relationship is. We all imagine relationships as an image of a fairy tale but this can be the furthest from the truth. Any relationship whether it be professional, casual, romantic or just a friendship, each has the opportunity to fail. Actually it is almost a certainty that the relationship will fail at some point. There will be highs and there will be lows after things slow down and comfort sets in once again. Each side will need to put forth effort, making the connection a symbiotic conjunction. Really for this to happen, there must be self growth and the willingness to want to grow together. There must be action taking place on the regular. Communicating on a resonant level is a sign of maturity and maturity is a gauge in unconditional love. Sticking out and working through troubled times may very well be one of the best form of gratification for your soul. This proves not only that you are patient in adversity, comforting in the now but also praises you in the sense of whatever life throws at you, you grab it and nurture it with love, something we all strive to do.
Whether we understand or not, there comes a point in one’s life in which you keep stumbling over the same exact problems that seem to resurface continually. They come in cycles like moon phases and then tuck back down under the crescendo of soul if not properly dealt with. These experiences may seem as never ending but realistically they are just a huge reminder of the work that needs done inside of us all. It is the darkness that balances the light. The Yin inside the Yang. The shadow side of us all that builds and builds until we must make a change in our lifestyle to combat these experiences. Bad luck is a term used most often but when the luck seems to be never ending and a constant in one’s life, there must be a point in which you must you step back and reflect on it. This will not only give you peace of mind but may save you from conveniently falling apart in the now.




Awakening Our Inner Child

Inside each and every one of us there resides some sort of heartache. The type of heartache that can flood ourselves with the fear of uncertainty and confuse us from what these emotions are really trying to express. Each day we rise up we continue to hear this cry that occupies our center. We cry deep from inside our hearts, from a place that has been neglected by humans who have been caught up in the busy lifestyle of western culture. Negating these emotions each and every day can be detrimental to ourselves and others around us. Until we step back from our hectic lives and realize that these heartaches are trying to speak to us, we will continue to reach out in the dark.


This reaching out is your inner child weeping with sorrow. This is your inner child grasping for air. This is your inner child extending out for the help it needs to transform negative emotions into positive action.


As humans, we tend to get caught up in the never-ending spiral of life that we have confirmed to but not necessarily agreed upon in our existence. We are always running around finding ways to create more attention for ourselves, more opportunity to relax and more of a sensation to just slow down our state of being, while being quite satisfied with trading our quality of life for these actions. Quality of life becomes a back burner to the ways that we make decisions in our life. These decisions are based on the fact that we always feel a sense of urgency and have no time to reflect as well as enjoy life’s blessings. Being confined to our current state of reality is widely becoming more and more accepted as the way we move through life. Why is it that we spend endless amounts of time and energy to create shortcuts in life that were sincerely meant to experience?


The simple things in life have slowly began to find a way to be “purchased” rather than just experienced. There are so many examples currently where people are becoming more and more satisfied with spending copious amounts of money to save time and energy. Everything in life seems to becoming more and more disposable for the trade-off of saving a little bit of time. I feel as though currently we are at a huge fork in the road with humanity. The breaking point in which we can choose the path of feeding oneself soul, while establishing what is rightfully ours as a human experience or continuing to fall victim to continuously feeding the path of societal norms. The latter seems more acceptable today.


This ideology that quality of life should always comes second in line with life’s race is what is the driving force to not listen to our inner child. In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced some sort of trauma. To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to forget those painful times. Every time we’re in touch with the experience of suffering, we believe we can’t bear it, and we stuff our feelings and memories deep down in our unconscious mind. It may be that we haven’t dared to face this child for many decades because of past emotional blockages. We then move on into adulthood where being a child is taboo. This idea is the furthest thing from what needs to be done.


There is a difference between growing up and being responsible. Humans never should “grow up” but rather always stay connected with your inner child. Of course we need to become much more responsible in the choices we make as we evolve but this is very different from straying away from and neglecting our child inside. The child inside of us all brings great joy in life and reconnects us with times in which life was so beautiful and innocent. The moment we stray away from these feelings and emotions that bring us happiness, is the moment we fall backwards in life.


Just because we have not faced our inner child does not mean he or she is not there. The wounded child is always inside of us, always reaching out for attention. The child is always saying, “I’m here. Stop avoiding me. Stop running away from these feelings.” We want to end our suffering by sending that child to a deep place inside of us while staying as far away as possible from these thoughts and emotions, but running away doesn’t end our suffering; it only prolongs it.


This wounded child asks for love and care but we tend to do the opposite. We choose to run away from the suffering because we are scared to face reality and what others may think of these feelings. It is human nature to feel this way but it is society who forces us to believe that these feelings are inhuman.


We walk around trying to fill this void with sourcing attention from the outside like entertainment, socializing, drug usage and relationships. We ignore the weeping child inside of us all plagued by Ignorance. The same ignorance that takes over and controls our ego to the point in which we stop seeing the true reality of things. We become consumed by daily stressors and try to fill this unoccupied place with outside attention. We then start to slowly fall apart from the inside because our inner child yearns for attention.


Becoming consumed by life affects not only yourself, but ALL of the relationships built around us. Romantic, family, professional, interpersonal and social relationships are all affected trickling down from not listening to what is needed inside. All of these relationships then take stress from the root cause of it all, not speaking to your inner child. This is a domino effect and causes the breaking down of all of your other relationships slowly around you. Can we blame ourselves from not having a clear head and grasp on what needs to be addressed in a society that is built on miscommunication? Can we blame others for the destruction of a relationship when they are making the same mistakes that we each make inside of ourselves? Acknowledgement and understanding of the situations at hand can be key in mending broken relationship in times heartache and self-destruction. Taking time to step back without constant brain chatter, without any distractions and without an outside relationship which can or cannot be biased, will bring mindfulness, understanding and gratification to self. Taking time to listen with compassion to yourself can give you the realization of what needs to be healed from this point forward and start to love again.


Listening with compassion should not always be subjective to others. It should apply to ourselves as well. Most often than not people who are faithful, loyal and giving sometime in their life will be used or betrayed. We tend fall short when looking at the big picture and what is the cause of it all. By listening with love and compassion to ourselves in every situation we can become mindful in every experience. We can understand that if we would have just taken time to step back and listen, we could have avoided many situations that cause heartache. As we choose to become more present in every situation as well as create awareness, we will slowly change into the perfect version of what you have always imagined you could be.


Among all occurrences in life, one thing can be said on why most situations crumble apart, communication. Communication is the key in all relationships whether it be with self or anything outside self. Listening to self will create mindfulness. If you are mindful, you will hear the voices calling for attention. You will hear your inner child wanting to make the right decision based in the name of unconditional love. In that present moment, instead of paying attention to whatever is in front of you, go back and tenderly embrace the wounded child and ask what needs to be addressed in present. There you will be able to make more conscious decisions in any situation, creating an understanding instead of misunderstanding, while avoiding future heartache with others that comes from not being straightforward and honest.


Honesty then becomes the best rule to live by in this world. When we do not stay truthful and honest not only do we hinder growth inside of ourselves but we affect everyone around us. It is a vibration that resonates to everyone we come close to. Continuing to make choices of not honoring our inner child creates tougher choices to deal with down the road. These choices build on each other until there is quite a mess. Many of us choose to clean up our own mess with more acts of unhonest behavior until there becomes a point of no return. At this point, we hit rock bottom. Self destruction. Usually there is a group of others around us that will be affected by our destructive ways. This can either be attended to, tried to be mended or just walked away from. The choice is up to yourself in which what needs to be taken care of and this should be in honor of what feeds your soul. We all know deep down what needs to be taken care of and mended in all relationships.


When we become aware that we’ve forgotten the wounded child in ourselves, we feel great compassion for that child and we begin to generate the energy of mindfulness. Taking time to slow and listen to this voice will start the path of loving yourself once again. Talk to your child several times a day and listen with compassion. Fix past emotional blockages by reconnecting with you inner child and mending those past broken relationships that have been affected by not listening. Wake up everyday and show gratitude for all of the things that has hindered growth of self and everything around you while understanding that you can once again make things right if  you are willing to work hard. Listen to self and feed your inner child by doing the things that makes you whole again. Take over your life and share these experiences with people you hold dear to your heart. When we slow life down, show awareness and compassion, this life will then become what it was truly meant to be, wonderful!



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